Critical Ops Hack


Critical Ops is an FPS multiplayer shooter developed and released by Critical Force. It was released on Open Alpha in September 2015 for Google Play and was in beta until the full version was released in November 2018. Critical Ops is currently available on Google Play, Apple Appstore and Amazon Appstore.


Even though Critical Ops is a multiplayer game with tactical elements, we are committed to achieving goals that vary by map type.

On maps where the name begins with the prefix de_ we have two teams that have different goals. Prefix de_ suggests that we will have to plant a bomb in a certain place or defend a place to plant an explosive device.

The antiterrorists (the defending side) are required to defend two or even three positions that have specific locations where terrorists can plant the bomb. If the opposing team is planting a bomb

In turn terrorists (the attacking party) must place an explosive charge in a place designated for this purpose, in order to destroy items that defend counter-terrorists.

The game consists of 15 rounds. The round is won by the team that will execute the target of the map or liquidate all opponents.

Example Gameplay


– version of system 4.4 or later
– minimum 1GB ram, optimally 3GB ram
– almost 400MB free space on disk

– version of system 10.0 or later
– minimum 1GB ram, optimally 3GB ram
– almost 450MB free space on disk

If your phone does not meet the Google Play or App Store requirements, you will not be able to download Critical Ops.

Additionally, the devices on which the root has been made may have a problem with the correct operation of the aplication

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