Critical Ops Hack


Critical Ops is a tactical first person shooter. Game is developed by Critical Force Entertainment and operating as a continuation of Critical Strike Portable. In the browser as a game on Facebook, but later was transferred to Facebook Gameroom on August 30, 2016.

Like its predecessor, it is very similar to the Counter Strike series issued by Valve. Critical Ops has more detailed graphics, more weapons and larger maps. Weapon skins was introduced shortly after launching the game.

The game currently has three game modes to choose from. Critical ops has default 22 weapons and 6 maps. Critical ops does not copy maps from iconic games such as Counter Strike or Call Of Duty. In addition, it currently does not support maps created by the community, which is a game problem. The PC Critical Ops platform was deactivated on July 10, 2017. That it takes a huge amount of resources and time for a fraction of the total number of players. Critical Force main focus on the cell. Currently, Critical Ops is not available on the PC. Reason is that it was not optimized and used large amounts of RAM and CPU. In addition, the nail for the coffin was carried out for Critical Force mobile marketing. The game did not take on the PC.

Critical ops

Main goal of the game is to eliminate the opposing team or to complete the purpose of the map. Part of the chosen goal of the game is to plant a bomb or defuse.

Break to buy a weapon at the beginning of the round is only a few seconds. In this time they must decide to buy gun.

Game modes

  • Detonation of the target – terrorist target blasted by planting a bomb. The task of anti-terrorists is to prevent the bomb from being laid or disarmed.
  • Deatchmatch: consists in killing as many opponents as possible, all players are reborn after 3-5 seconds
  • Deatch match: it’s about starting with MP5 and unlocking new weapons for each killing. The first person who reaches the knife and kills by means of his wins the match.

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